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Falk You, England! Argentina and the Fifty Peso Note

Time to create a word: inflatuation.  Meaning?  (Tourist with a) fondness for countries suffering from superlatively high inflation.  Venezuela might be the current flavor of the month, but this issue isn’t new to Argentina either.  While your country is grappling … Continue reading

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Changing Money in Caracas, Venezuela

My titles used to be more unique…give it time.  Then again, who’s going to do a search for “changing lettuce in Caracas, Venezuela?” Since speaking directly about US dollars in that country can be taboo, they have been nicknamed lechuga … Continue reading

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One Million Turkish Millionaires and Big League Chew’s Zimbabwean Cousin: Inflated Egos

Do you collect world currency?  Are there any specific coins or bills that your collection is missing, and that ebay or taobao neglect to list?  As a child, a couple of visits to Thomas Cook currency exchange bureaus to snag … Continue reading

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