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The World According to Kenny G

Although I’m feeling a bit dirty for mentioning Kenny G., the poster child for smooth jazz, there’s a good chance that frequent guests at one Ankara, Turkey hotel don’t feel the same.  Go for the opportunity to push the elevator … Continue reading

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High-Octane Baklava

The Turks have it pretty good when it comes to food.  Greens nearly automatically placed on the table, bountiful breakfast buffets, a variety of (olive) oils, pulses,  spices, nuts, and diluted yoghurts, and Ğ (<–?), for starters.  Drowning in a … Continue reading

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Is This Car Seat Belt-Free? Jakarta’s Passenger Seat Street

Don’t worry, starting every post with “Is this” isn’t a 2013 new year’s resolution.  Rather, it’s tongue-in-cheek; whenever you enter the average Jakarta taxi (or taxi in much of the world, and many private cars too, and buses, and bar … Continue reading

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The Haughtiest of Escalators

My pace is undeniably Manhattan.  Although Tokyo and Hong Kong offer similarly rushed/get the heck-outta-my-way gaits (though Tokyo gets top marks for actually obeying escalator etiquette), here’s a little beginner’s guide to China: TAKE THE STAIRS.  You won’t find a … Continue reading

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The DPRK (Northern Korea) Jaunt, Part 칠: Finale

I’ve been interested in mass transit systems, say subways (metros) and monorails,  for quite a long time; I remember being impressed by the people mover at Disney Weld in Florida in the early 90s,  more so than by any of … Continue reading

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