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Airline Meals, Part Seven: Burgers for Lunch, Seat Belt Extensions for Dinner

Please pardon my recent absence, as I was on vacation in Indonesia, Narita (Airport) and Jetlagistan. I didn’t even plan to have a night in Japan, but flying seven hours to connect to a 12+ hour flight after a layover … Continue reading

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Airline Meals, Part Six: Someone Else Had Too Much to Drink

I was just thinking of how hungry I am not right now.  It’s best that I feel this way when discussing airline meals specifically originating in the US or China.  Here’s an improbable idea for airlines from those two countries: … Continue reading

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Decent, Copacetic, Quite Alright, Not Not Good: Airline Meals

Have you ever tried to recreate what you’ve eaten on a plane?  Or, have employees at a flight catering company ever collectively released a cookbook?…would you buy it? This is the burning question on the mind, my mind, for this … Continue reading

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