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From the Big Apple to the Great Firewall

Nope, no political statements intended in the title.  However, in case you wanted to know, the Big Apple generally refers to New York City, and Great Firewall ends with of China.  Just how are we going to now tie these … Continue reading

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Airline Meals, Part Four: You’ll Never Guess What Was Edible

Airplane food.  If you’re flying between Newark and Honolulu – ~ ten and half hours flight time, excluding delays – and you’re in economy class, you better stock up on those mostly-filled-with-air bags of chips after security so that you … Continue reading


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Do Economy Class Passengers Eat? Some Airlines Think So.

In my last post about airplane food, we can see that using very scientific research, airlines in the US serve economy class passengers nothing remotely flattering; better yet, those in-flight meals may even warrant their own wing in a modern … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Succeed, You Might Be an Airline Caterer

Baked beans and mushrooms?  Thanks for your contribution, Her Majesty I’ve been hungry lately.  Next time I travel, I suppose I shouldn’t fly anywhere within the USA then?  The US airlines for the most part make it simple these days … Continue reading

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3050 Meters or 10000 Feet, I Still Prefer an Aisle Seat

There doesn’t seem to be any good seat in economy class.  Window seats force you to play Twister in case you need to get up for anything; aisle seats mean bags may fall on you whenever the overhead is opened, … Continue reading

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Can I Still Get a Hindu Meal?: Airplanes Gone Hogwild

Airplanes.  Love ’em or hate ’em, they have…no opinion about you.  Those birds (aviation-speak for planes) though, golly are they hard workers– I prowl aviation forums often, and regularly see members commenting about their last chance to fly a DC-10 (last … Continue reading

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