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Hotel Review: Pullman King Power Bangkok, Thailand

Disclaimer: In exchange for a two-night stay at this #BangkokCityHotel, I am writing this review. The Pullman King Power Bangkok is located in the Phaya Thai neighborhood of the sprawling Thai capital.  It is near to the transportation nexus of … Continue reading

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Hotel Review: Hotel Tavinos Hamamatsucho, Tokyo

Disclaimer: In exchange for two nights in a Hollywood Double room, I am writing this review.  Photos are my own, and from the Hotel Tavinos Hamamatsucho. Tokyo-based Fujita Kanko’s newest brand, Hotel Tavinos, was opened to the public on August … Continue reading

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Hotel Review: Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Disclaimer: In exchange for this hotel review, I received a stay in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia in one of the Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s City View Rooms. Four Seasons Place, located adjacent to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in … Continue reading

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The Salak (Snake Fruit) of Indonesia

My first encounter with the salak, or snake fruit, a native to Java and Sumatra, Indonesia came while visiting Pura Besakih (pura= temple) in Bali in 2005.  As much as I’d like to add a photo from then, my external … Continue reading

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Elevators in China: Double-Edged Forks in the Road

It was a homecoming of sorts.  Oh no, not for me…but for all of those from Fuzhou (福州 Fú​zhōu), China returning to their roots. Erring on the obvious, aren’t we?  Let’s put it another way.  To the average New York … Continue reading

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Taiwan, What Are You?

Taiwan is an island in the East China Sea.  That game was fun. But is Taiwan a country?  That’s still under debate, and not just by China. OK, I’ll pose the question another way…which of their colonial occupiers do you … Continue reading

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Just as being human can have its pros and cons, so can being a foreigner.  No kidding, right? I can blend in throughout a fair amount of the world.  Rummaging through bazaars and souks in Istanbul, Cairo and Dearborn are … Continue reading

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Fascinating facts for travellers heading to Turkey

Turkey is the world’s melting pot, a spicy casserole of different influences from Europe, Asia and the Med. This is an enthralling destination which has plenty of surprises in store for the tens of millions of tourists that choose to … Continue reading

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Airline Meals, Part Five: Ever Try Chinese Food? After This, You’ll Want to Say No

It’s that time of year again.  That is, it’s time to tempt you with various photos of airplane food from around the world.  Though, judging by the title of this entry, could you guess that we’ll focus on East Asia … Continue reading

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Taiwan: Fluent in Fun

On a recent trip back to the US, I had a one-night stopover at Taipei Taoyuan International – or for the more militant readers, Chiang Kai-shek International – Airport in Taiwan.  No big deal, I speak some of the language, … Continue reading

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