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Ethiopian Chechebsa

Chechebsa, or kita firfir, is a nauseatingly filling breakfast item from Ethiopia.  In one sitting, I’ve eaten six slices of a New York (pizza) pie in a sitting, obscene amounts of cheap sushi and half of a lemon- don’t be … Continue reading

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Baguette Battle New York 2016

Disclaimer: In exchange for this review, I received a ticket to the 2016 Baguette Battle New York. The first of its kind…in New York.  Brought to us by the French-American news site French Morning and hosted at the Midtown Sofitel … Continue reading

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Poison Bakery, Busan, South Korea

During my last visit to Japan, I had poisonous fish…that was the title of an earlier blog post.  Somehow, today’s entry harks back to that, in spite of this one taking place in the country on the other side of … Continue reading

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The Great Bunny Chow (South Africa)

So…there’s a chance that I used the phrase “the great” in the title either in the pejorative sense, or to reference another sandwich from South Africa called gatsby. Regardless of whether I enjoyed this food, what seems to be in less … Continue reading

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Fried Mantou with Condensed Milk (China)

When much of the world thinks of Chinese food, do bread, dairy and dessert often come to mind?  I’m not even referring to ingredients or dishes from hundreds or thousands of years ago, or Chinese restaurant kitchens adapted to local … Continue reading

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I’ll Have (Had) What He’s Having

Do you eat?  You know, food?  Ever wonder where all of that candy, fruit and bread come from?  I don’t mean where they were produced, oh no, that would be an educational post.  Too weird.  Let’s forge ahead and see … Continue reading

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What’s Your Background? Part-Rye, Part-Focaccia. All Organic.

I love bread.  Sure, there are a couple of notable exceptions- you are nasty, and most of you shouldn’t exist– but as long as there’s a liter or six of extra virgin olive oil around, or even an oven, I … Continue reading

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