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Asian T-Shirts: New York, a Small New Jersey Suburb

An auspicious walk through a clothing store in Medan, Indonesia briefly left me nostalgic for the New York City subway.   Nostalgic not to take a ride on it, oh no, but to compare the system map with that of a weird … Continue reading

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Wild Times with a US Passport

Perhaps I was being a bit too harsh on my US passport.  After all, citizens can travel to a substantial number of countries either without a visa or by getting a visa-on-arrival; furthermore, starting this January Armenia will be the … Continue reading

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Asian T-Shirts: And That’s Why I Wear Headphones

Amusing spelling errors notwithstanding, this is a t-shirt I truly regret not buying.  Which is to say, nearly every “Asia” t-shirt that I write about on here is not in my closet.  Instead, they’re likely being shown off by Tibetan … Continue reading

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Sartorially Collusive: Shopping in Kobe, Japan

First off, I must apologize for my delayed response this time.  Some rapscallion in Jakarta nabbed my new laptop, which spent more time being shipped to me than in my possession.  Classy touch, replacing it with three 2008 issues of … Continue reading

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Great Britain’t: Chinese T-shirts, 2nd Round

Y’all are lucky today.  One clothing store in the Baishizhou (白石洲) section of Shenzhen, China provided me with the one on the right, and my friend the other “Union Abdullah.”  You know, I first started noticing the incomprehensible script and … Continue reading

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