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A Tale of Two Marios

Speakers of the Japanese language would say マリオ, ma-ri-o, so I don’t know why I insisted on butchering the name the New York way – mæh-ri-o.  It could be because I’m from there, or it could be because it  was such … Continue reading

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Never Take Candy From Humans

Takashimaya is a Japanese department store chain with locations throughout Japan, and one in Singapore.  But if you think for a second that I travel around just to shop, that would be as misleading as this photo. Instead, department stores … Continue reading

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The Japanese Subjugation of Pancakes

Pancake juice.  There are vending machines all over Japan, and this one, somewhere in Fukuoka, (unfortunately, I can’t recall the area right now) held the nefarious pancake juice.  All sugar, a mess, to be sure.  If someone can find it … Continue reading

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