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Hotel Review: Hotel Nikko Bangkok, Thailand

Disclaimer: In exchange for this hotel review, I received a stay in Bangkok, Thailand in one of the Hotel Nikko’s Premier Corner rooms. Though I’ve visited Bangkok many times, I haven’t changed the location of the hotel much.  Generally, I … Continue reading

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Event Review: True World Foods Expo 2018

Disclaimer: In exchange for two VIP tickets to New York‘s inaugural True World Foods EXPO 2018, I am writing this event review.  For this event, Ari Dybnis was the photographer. Founded as a fishmonger in Brooklyn, New York in the 1970s, True … Continue reading

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The Best Snacks in the World, Japan Edition

It’s a tough question for the culinary traveler– which country has the best snacks in the world?  Impossible to answer, much like “which country has the best seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue built in 1993?”  (If you said Hong Kong, … Continue reading

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But Did You Know That I’d Lose My Wallet?: The Japan Edition

Coincidentally, I did lose my wallet during my first trip to Japan.  The details are rather fuzzy – it happened in 2000 – but it did shock me that it happened in a country known for actually having rather full … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A Brief Guide to Japanese Sushi

Let’s learn about sushi today! Although present-day sushi most likely traces its origins to Southeast Asia or China, we’ll go over various types hailing from its most popular abode, Japan. But I had no idea there were that may kinds … Continue reading

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Japanese Sewer Covers: The Trading Card Edition. Seriously.

Oh, Japan, you weird, endlessly fascinating archipelago.  In one moment, you’re on top of the world, donating memorable antagonists to such movies as Gung Ho, and snapping up coal mines in such regions as Manchuria.  万歳 (ばんざい・🙌), banzai! Next, however, … Continue reading

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Kozue, The Peak Lounge, and the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

Disclaimer: In exchange for meals and drinks at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, I am writing this review. Although I had known about the Shinjuku Park Tower before, I have to make two confessions.  One, I used to think … Continue reading

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