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Chinese Guilinggao: Turtle Jelly, as Bitter as its Consumers

Turtle jelly, or 龟/龜苓膏 (guīlínggāo), is considered one of many types of 凉茶 (liáng​chá), or Chinese herbal teas.  It’s not good.  The end. Ah, no, I won’t do that to you. The preparation of the tea is centuries old.; It was … Continue reading

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Was it Potable?: Ais Kacang, the Food Pyramid of Shaved Ices

Sweet corn.  Evaporated milk.  Red kidney beans.  Agar-agar.  Azuki.  Ice cream.  Fruit syrup.  Peking duck.  Patatas bravas.  Sole meunière.  Where do the toppings stop??   Well, if you knew from the first few ingredients that this was ais kacang (bean ice), … Continue reading

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