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Flight Review: ViaAir from Farmingdale, NY (FRG) to Niagara Falls, NY (IAG)

Disclaimer: In exchange for writing a review for the airline ViaAir, I was offered a recent round-trip flight between Farmingdale and Niagara Falls, NY. Although I don’t recall how I learned about ViaAir serving the above-mentioned Farmingdale (FRG) to Niagara Falls (IAG) seasonal … Continue reading

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At the southwest corner of Chrystie St. and Broome St. in Manhattan‘s Chinatown, I never felt less welcome in my life.  Well, there was that time I drove right into a building. That’s more of a hyperbole than reality, but … Continue reading

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Potent Packaging: Hey China, Look at Me!

  I couldn’t find an adapter for my recent trip to Russia, so I went to a local discount store in Manhattan to get one. I didn’t end up buying this one – besides, if you wander around Broadway in … Continue reading

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“Give Me the Meat Feast, Hold the Meat.”

A long time ago, a friend and I were eating at Denny’s when he told me this anecdote about one of the other restaurant patrons.  He said that the other customer said to the waitress “give me the meat feast, … Continue reading

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Japanese Language Lessons: Asia’s Sordid Snacks

As you may have already guessed by now, Japan is a weird place. Let’s take snacks for example.  First, if you were to utter snack in Japan, many people might think you are on a fast-track to a スナック  (sunakku), … Continue reading

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New York Restaurants: One Entebbe Roll, Please

West 181st St. in Manhattan, New York is home to a large Dominican population.  Can’t you just tell by the sign? To be even more accurate, this part of town is also near a significant Jewish community.  That likely explains … Continue reading

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No Pork, New York

We’ve seen how creatively Chinese restaurants – particularly those in Manhattan – have been named, but what about in Brooklyn? Is there anything you’re not craving right now?  “No Pork,” a take-out place in Boerum Hill, might have what you … Continue reading

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New York’s Halloween Tower

The Halloween Tower, by Madison Square Park in Manhattan, New York is rather nondescript. As of today, the 31st of October, 2014, there is still scaffolding cloaking much of the 12-story structure.  Chances are you would have no idea that … Continue reading

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From the Big Apple to the Great Firewall

Nope, no political statements intended in the title.  However, in case you wanted to know, the Big Apple generally refers to New York City, and Great Firewall ends with of China.  Just how are we going to now tie these … Continue reading

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