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Restaurant Review: Untamed Sandwiches, New York, USA

Disclaimer: In exchange for a menu sampling, I am writing this restaurant review. I was first introduced to Untamed Sandwiches two years ago, after being invited by Urban Oyster Tours to check out the Times Square-area food scene.  Yes, as … Continue reading

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One Great Menu: Lanzhou Lamian (China)

How willing are you to try something different…food-wise?  Are you the type that throws caution to the wind – even when you can’t speak the local lingo?  Or, are you a culinary Lutheran, spending more time telling the waiter what … Continue reading

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Language Study: What Were Your First Words?

Wouldn’t it be great if all everyone needed to know in order to communicate was music?  A couple of ♮, a handful of ♭, and to throw off your enemies, # instead of ♯.  None of that “عشب,” “泥,” “հիմար,” … Continue reading

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Check, Please

I took a short trip to Shenyang after returning from the DPRK in March 2010.  Shenyang, formerly known as Mukden, and currently known as another Chinese city of millions of inhabitants that you’ve probably never heard of, is also close … Continue reading

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