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Northeast India – Matchless Opportunities for Ecotourism

There is a certain mysticism associated with the states of Northeast India, mostly due to the fact that people from the rest of the country do not know much about this largely hilly terrain. Another factor why the seven states … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again. As much fun as I have taking constitutionals in various cities, more and more I become appreciative of the non-human side of nature.  Plants,  trees, window seats– why didn’t anyone tell me this … Continue reading

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Where Does it Begin? An Intro to Egyptian Roads

When you think of Egypt – um, pre-2011 – what do you conjure up?  Yom Kippur?  A stone cat?  Food-borne parasites? As expected, you didn’t mention the word nature.  Sure, the stones of the Sphinx and the Pyramids aren’t human-made, … Continue reading

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Once a Year, I’ll Notice a Tree

Thanks to an impromptu January 2008 visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, I came to the realization that trees aren’t merely stocky prey from which we rob apples, macadamias and durians.  Some have a wily defense … Continue reading

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Photo Challenges: Name That Everything

Green things that don’t also find their way on your plate or in a can aren’t such a common sight around these parts.  Nor are their four-season coming of age pals that lose their luster in the colder months. With … Continue reading

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