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Guest Post: Uji City, the Center of Tea Culture in Japan

Uji city is one of the most famous places in Japan when it comes to tea traditions. Mostly famous for Byodoin – the temple on the reverse side of the 10 yen coin – Uji is the perfect place to … Continue reading

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Coffee Ramen (Japan)

Originally posted on Collateral Lettuce:
Ten ingredients you wouldn’t like to see in the same bowl of ramen: Coffee beans Coffee noodles Eggs (and their yolks) Vanilla ice cream Bananas Gouda (inexorably processed, that is) Kamaboko (processed fish cake with…

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A Complicated Path to a Simple Starch: Chinese Characters, Part 一

Oh hey, a topic that won’t make you wish you lacked a sense of smell!  That’s right, today we’ll take a peek at one of my favorite subjects, Chinese characters. The bane of  many a CSL (Chinese as a Second … Continue reading

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