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Dotonbori, Osaka: It’s Not Times Square, and That’s a Good Thing

Times Square is a mess.  It’s great if you like photobombing and NOTHING.  Everything that is sold in Times Square aren’t limited to that neighborhood.  Who would’ve thought?  Starbucks, a lowly coffee chain that isn’t even in the Forbidden City…anymore, … Continue reading

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Never Take Candy From Humans

Takashimaya is a Japanese department store chain with locations throughout Japan, and one in Singapore.  But if you think for a second that I travel around just to shop, that would be as misleading as this photo. Instead, department stores … Continue reading

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Photo Challenges: Name That Everything

Green things that don’t also find their way on your plate or in a can aren’t such a common sight around these parts.  Nor are their four-season coming of age pals that lose their luster in the colder months. With … Continue reading

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3050 Meters or 10000 Feet, I Still Prefer an Aisle Seat

There doesn’t seem to be any good seat in economy class.  Window seats force you to play Twister in case you need to get up for anything; aisle seats mean bags may fall on you whenever the overhead is opened, … Continue reading

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