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Restaurant Review: andpizza, Manhattan, New York, USA

Disclaimer: In exchange for this restaurant review, I received one pizza. A fair question would be, why would I review a pizza chain based in Washington D.C.?  Not only that, but New York, New York is the land of (good) … Continue reading

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Moscow’s Quirky Vending Machines, Part Dva

I really thought Japan had the monopoly on weird vending machines, but Moscow, Russia sits comfortably in second place, tied with China. Since I’ve written about Russian vending machines once before, it’s about time we learn how to read – … Continue reading


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If someone asked me what I wanted on my tombstone, I probably wouldn’t respond. Don’t worry, dear readers!  Tombstone is a brand of frozen pizza.  Who were they kidding though?  Advertising frozen pizza to someone raised near New York City?  … Continue reading

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Jakarta, Please Stick to Foods Ending in a Consonant

If you are unfamiliar with Indonesian food and would like to experience a veritable potpourri of offerings, or know the score well enough to discern which street vendor introduced you to the euphemism I like to call human spray, the … Continue reading

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