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Restaurant Review: Ichicoro Ramen, Tampa, Florida, USA

Disclaimer: In exchange for a restaurant review, I sampled one dinner at Ichicoro Ramen. Ironically, just 36 hours before my meal at Ichicoro Ramen, I had been in Japan.  Yet, I didn’t even have ramen…what was I thinking?  Ah, yes, … Continue reading

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Movie Locations: Slurping Ramen in “Tampopo”

Have you heard of/seen the Japanese movie Tampopo?  Directed in 1985 by Juzo Itami, it tells the fictional story of Tampopo, a female chef endeavoring to create the quintessential bowl of ramen.  In other words, if she moonlighted as a … Continue reading

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Coffee Ramen (Japan)

Originally posted on Collateral Lettuce:
Ten ingredients you wouldn’t like to see in the same bowl of ramen: Coffee beans Coffee noodles Eggs (and their yolks) Vanilla ice cream Bananas Gouda (inexorably processed, that is) Kamaboko (processed fish cake with…

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