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Event Review: True World Foods Expo 2018

Disclaimer: In exchange for two VIP tickets to New York‘s inaugural True World Foods EXPO 2018, I am writing this event review.  For this event, Ari Dybnis was the photographer. Founded as a fishmonger in Brooklyn, New York in the 1970s, True … Continue reading

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Best Street Food Nominees: Seafood Vadai in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Clearly, I haven’t thought this through. What do I mean?  The winner of best street food.  Yikes, that’s never going to happen.  What I mean is… there are myriad candidates for this category, and that’s a good thing. Today’s entry … Continue reading

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One Nostalgic Meal in Tokyo, Japan

My first visit to Japan was nearly seventeen years ago.  Before that time, I had only eaten Japanese food once, at a then up-and-coming Manhattan restaurant called Nobu.  Truth be told, the memories of that meal are not good… The … Continue reading

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Ken-Ken’s (Controversial) Cuttlefish from Singapore

I’m a yuge big fan of seafood.  Anytime of the day, even lunch.  In general, I’ll opt for some grilled octopus or freshly shucked oysters over a slab of cow meat…or at least, alongside said steak. That said, I don’t … Continue reading

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So…This Exists, the Japan Edition: Uni Cream Cheese

If you don’t know what uni (うに/海胆 sea guts/海栗 sea chestnut) is, I’ll fill you in on a dirty secret- it’s not the roe of sea urchin, per se. Rather, it’s what secretes the roe. Not hungry anymore? Yes, it … Continue reading

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The Jagalchi Market in Busan, South Korea

What a 180º shift from the much more well-known yet much less welcoming-to-foreigners’ Tsukiji Market in Tokyo…the ajumma (아줌마, middle-aged/married women) at Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장), in Busan, South Korea were actually beckoning patrons to feast on shellfish and sea pineapples … Continue reading

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An Unforgettable Breakfast in Sapporo, Japan

We have both been duped by today’s title. I wish I could say that one particular series of breakfasts last month in Sapporo, Japan was unforgettable in the positive sense – then again, I did have control over what was … Continue reading

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