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Cool It! Shopping Made Too Easy in Tokyo

Let’s say you pay a visit to one of the brilliant デパ地下 (depachika; department store basement food halls) in Japan but then realize that you also wanted to do some non-edible shopping.  Well then, it sounds like you’re not me…but … Continue reading

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Airport Spotting

Have you heard of the pastime called plane spotting?  It involves going to various points near an airport to take photos of aircraft and often to log the airplane’s registration number. I like seeing different airlines, but I generally have … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Can’t Go

Uh oh, here’s a touchy subject.  So as to spare you all your mental anguish of the day, I’ll keep links to a minimum.  Instead, you’ll have to rely on the equally dubious concept known as imagination.  What do I … Continue reading

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If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit it Must be a Dud

Is shopping a priority on your travels?  Don’t have a problem wearing shirts half your size made just down the street from where you bought them?  I used to think that one of the luggage stores at the main Shenzhen, … Continue reading

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Sartorially Collusive: Shopping in Kobe, Japan

First off, I must apologize for my delayed response this time.  Some rapscallion in Jakarta nabbed my new laptop, which spent more time being shipped to me than in my possession.  Classy touch, replacing it with three 2008 issues of … Continue reading

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Karachi’s Rainbow Centre: Naat Your Average Pirated DVDs

While teaching English in Jakarta in 2008, I didn’t expect to spend my vacation days running around the Saddar district of Karachi, Pakistan looking for a pirated dvd of a video that I first saw at an Indian restaurant in … Continue reading

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Great Britain’t: Chinese T-shirts, 2nd Round

Y’all are lucky today.  One clothing store in the Baishizhou (白石洲) section of Shenzhen, China provided me with the one on the right, and my friend the other “Union Abdullah.”  You know, I first started noticing the incomprehensible script and … Continue reading

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