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Countries Better Than Yours?: Kababistan

In spite of being amused by the presence of a world passport, perhaps I should consider a move to somewhere greatly influenced by Asia Minor. After all, how brilliant would it be to shop at a place called “Bread Country?” … Continue reading

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Study Chinese, Learn English: Signs in China

Where’s a mirror when you need one? Whether or not you’ve visited China, you may have seen photos from that part of the world.  Half of the time, the photos might be of pollution – in which case, have fun … Continue reading

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At the southwest corner of Chrystie St. and Broome St. in Manhattan‘s Chinatown, I never felt less welcome in my life.  Well, there was that time I drove right into a building. That’s more of a hyperbole than reality, but … Continue reading

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“Give Me the Meat Feast, Hold the Meat.”

A long time ago, a friend and I were eating at Denny’s when he told me this anecdote about one of the other restaurant patrons.  He said that the other customer said to the waitress “give me the meat feast, … Continue reading

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New York Restaurants: One Entebbe Roll, Please

West 181st St. in Manhattan, New York is home to a large Dominican population.  Can’t you just tell by the sign? To be even more accurate, this part of town is also near a significant Jewish community.  That likely explains … Continue reading

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Just as being human can have its pros and cons, so can being a foreigner.  No kidding, right? I can blend in throughout a fair amount of the world.  Rummaging through bazaars and souks in Istanbul, Cairo and Dearborn are … Continue reading

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Buying Socks in China: Tougher Than It Sounds

Before visiting China for the first time in August 2003, I truly expected to find clothes cleaners (洗染店 xǐ​rǎn​diàn) all over the place.  Was this the first thing on my mind as I landed in Guilin?  No.  It was the second.  … Continue reading

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Welcome to Japan. Light Up, Kids.

I’ve wandered through the terminals of Narita Airport, currently Tokyo‘s primary international hub, enough to know the must-visit spots.  There’s the Lawson convenience store pre-security in Terminal 1 (T1), the casual Japanese place that seasonally serves kaki furai – fried … Continue reading

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We Specialize in Everything. We Specialize in Nothing.

Wow, here’s one for the book of dubious records. Polish, Turkish, southern Chinese, Americanized Chinese, Filipino, and Pennsylvania Dutch.  If you weren’t hungry before, you still aren’t now.  Also, unlike this well-placed alliteration, I don’t crave anything the sign mentions. … Continue reading

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