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At the southwest corner of Chrystie St. and Broome St. in Manhattan‘s Chinatown, I never felt less welcome in my life.  Well, there was that time I drove right into a building. That’s more of a hyperbole than reality, but … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Wrong: A Pharmacy a Day in Queens, New York

When you’re in Queens, New York, you’re bound to come across something weird at any given moment.  Well…weird is fine, but one southern Flushing pharmacy likely went too far: There are plenty of distinct – and sometimes offensive – signs … Continue reading

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Language Study: Conflicted Clothing in China

I was ambling through one of the main shopping corridors of Xiamen, China when I ended up in front of Yarou. Was the woman in the light blue jeans clapping before I got there?  That’s how you know A) You’re … Continue reading

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