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Everything’s Bigger in… East Asia?

If you’ve had the chance to flip through my previous posts, you may already know that East Asia has cornered the market on many of the world’s superlatives— among numerous other (read: weird) possibilities, escalators, advertising and flight delays all … Continue reading

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Portland, Oregon’s Most Famous (?) Superlative: If You Guessed Weed, You’re Partially Correct

Why would tourists visit Portland, Oregon?  Hazelnuts (filberts) and berries are plentiful and feature in dishes of locavores (those who prefer locally-produced meals).  The downtown is clean, there is a widely respected (…by those in the public transit industry?) train/tram … Continue reading

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The Haughtiest of Escalators

My pace is undeniably Manhattan.  Although Tokyo and Hong Kong offer similarly rushed/get the heck-outta-my-way gaits (though Tokyo gets top marks for actually obeying escalator etiquette), here’s a little beginner’s guide to China: TAKE THE STAIRS.  You won’t find a … Continue reading

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