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Event Review: True World Foods Expo 2018

Disclaimer: In exchange for two VIP tickets to New York‘s inaugural True World Foods EXPO 2018, I am writing this event review.  For this event, Ari Dybnis was the photographer. Founded as a fishmonger in Brooklyn, New York in the 1970s, True … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A Brief Guide to Japanese Sushi

Let’s learn about sushi today! Although present-day sushi most likely traces its origins to Southeast Asia or China, we’ll go over various types hailing from its most popular abode, Japan. But I had no idea there were that may kinds … Continue reading

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“Japan Week” New York, March 10-12, 2016

In which culture does a week last only three days?  Whereas I currently don’t have a good – or sarcastic – response to that question, I will confess that it’s a treat whenever the annual Japan Week rolls into Grand … Continue reading

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Mischievous Menus, Japanese Jokesters

Today’s post is partially a game and partially a language lesson.  (Whenever I’m playing any game, music helps me concentrate; here’s the music video du jour.) Take a minute to think about various homonyms in your native language(s).  How different … Continue reading

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“Give Me the Meat Feast, Hold the Meat.”

A long time ago, a friend and I were eating at Denny’s when he told me this anecdote about one of the other restaurant patrons.  He said that the other customer said to the waitress “give me the meat feast, … Continue reading

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New York Restaurants: One Entebbe Roll, Please

West 181st St. in Manhattan, New York is home to a large Dominican population.  Can’t you just tell by the sign? To be even more accurate, this part of town is also near a significant Jewish community.  That likely explains … Continue reading

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Kappa: Folklore Has Never Tasted This Bland

For a blog called BuildingMyBento, I don’t reference Japan enough.  Or am I wrong? Ever tried cooked vinegared rice?  Pardon?  I’m referring to what is better known as sushi.  Already been there, done that?  But, have you ever tasted a … Continue reading

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