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Restaurant Review: The Chocolate Buffet at The Sukhothai, Bangkok

Disclaimer: In exchange for two chocolate buffets, I am writing this review. Although a few Thai desserts come to mind, when I’m traveling to Bangkok, my mind is set on the spicy mains, the soups, and exotic juices. However, if … Continue reading

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Product Review: Matcha (抹茶)from the Mizuba Tea Company

Disclaimer: In exchange for a few samples of matcha from the Mizuba Tea Company, I am writing this review. In essence, Matcha (抹茶・まっちゃ) refers to finely ground (powdered), high-quality Camellia sinensis, the species best known for producing all types of … Continue reading

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The First Ito En New York Chackathon, July 2016

Although I only started drinking tea on a daily basis after living in China (short story: I’d go to a local noodle hole-in-the-wall, the waiter would drop – in addition to tea – twigs, leaves, and berries of vague provenance … Continue reading

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Event Review: Coffee and Tea Festival NYC (Brooklyn), March 19-20, 2016

Disclaimer: In exchange for an event review, I was offered one entry ticket. The 11th annual Coffee and Tea Festival NYC occurred at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York from March 19-20.  Unlike some previous shows that … Continue reading

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The 茶llenge

I’m still thinking about tea, and you might be too.   In the dredges of a Japanese summer, the humidity will make you appreciate the presence of chilled chai.  Come cooler temperatures, the year-round option of heated tea, found both in … Continue reading

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毎日のTEA (Daily お茶)

How have I made it this far without mentioning the country most influential in the site name?  Rather, I briefly covered the genesis of my interest in (Japanese) bento with the introductory post, thus it’s about time the food & … Continue reading

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