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Guatemala City’s Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias

Perhaps I wasn’t pushy enough.  Perhaps my wallet was a devoid of its fun-producing partner, you know, money.  Perhaps altitude sickness meant that I was mixing up Indonesian with Spanish, thoroughly confusing the staff members with whom I chatted.  ¿Puedo … Continue reading

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Is This Car Seat Belt-Free? Jakarta’s Passenger Seat Street

Don’t worry, starting every post with “Is this” isn’t a 2013 new year’s resolution.  Rather, it’s tongue-in-cheek; whenever you enter the average Jakarta taxi (or taxi in much of the world, and many private cars too, and buses, and bar … Continue reading

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大阪’s (Ōsaka) Gate Tower/Beehive Building

Strolling through Japanese cities is endlessly fascinating to me.  Dodging the centenarians while on my bike is a completely different story, but the bizarre and often anachronistic architectural neighbors that make up a city block, the local tofu and bento … Continue reading

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¿Où estoy going?

I like Detroit.  It has an attractive skyline, some buildings of which are relics of a bygone age, the People Mover, intriguing districts, a quick escape to Canada and Mexico, and potentially a statue of Clarence Boddicker’s nemesis.  (Link thanks … Continue reading

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