You Win Some, You Lose Some. In This Case, Darwin Lost.

Shenzhen - Science Museum, Evolution
A friend of mine who was teaching in Shenzhen, China at the time tipped me off to a fascinating series of exhibits at the city’s science museum (in Chinese; it seems to have moved, and is now by the intersection of Shangbu Middle Rd. and Shennan Middle Rd. , in Futian district.  If the exhibits have also been…remodeled, apologies in advance for taking the fun out of the experience)  He (or maybe it was me) quipped that this particular photo was a clear reference to Darwin’s theory of evolution gone seriously awry.  Weird?  You betcha.  Appetizing?  That depends on your definition of taxidermy.

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5 Responses to You Win Some, You Lose Some. In This Case, Darwin Lost.

  1. The Tongzhi says:

    Actually that was my quip, but SANKS anyway

  2. Grace says:

    Yikes! Looks gross.

    • Salamat Grace, for liking various posts on BuildingMyBento! Do you enjoy coming across quirky “attractions” and designs in your travels?
      Prague has some good anachronistic statues and sculptures to admire, as well as a few unusual buildings. But the food scene…

      • Grace says:

        Yes, I do. But I don’t have a good eye like you. I often just pass them off as classic architecture or sculptures.

        As for the food scene, they have some good stuff here too. But something like Filipino food – loaded with grease and tons of carbs. Certainly not for the health-conscious. 🙂 But then again it’s also a matter of who or where it’s prepared. 🙂

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