Ken-Ken’s (Controversial) Cuttlefish from Singapore

I’m a yuge big fan of seafood.  Anytime of the day, even lunch.  In general, I’ll opt for some grilled octopus or freshly shucked oysters over a slab of cow meat…or at least, alongside said steak.

That said, I don’t generally eat seafood as a portable snack, unless it’s on a skewer or in a fritter.  Japanese convenience stores have me slightly perplexed with their dried anchovies and almonds, and who knows if that‘s really food in those Chinese vacuum-sealed packs.

Though, every now and then, I’ll give it another go.  Enter, Ken-Ken‘s cuttlefish, from Singapore.  Although the taste was rather ho-hum – it was dry and bland – perhaps there’s a reason I don’t quite go for prepackaged sea creatures…

hong-kong-sar-ken-ken-cuttlefish-chewing-gum-of-the-orientalsChewing gum of the orientals–” once consumed, immediately wash your mouth out with soap, or at the very least, brush your teeth.

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