Product Review: Fastachi Hazelnut and Pistachio Butter (Massachusetts, USA)

Disclaimer: In exchange for a review of Fastachi, I received small containers of hazelnut and pistachio butter.

Stemming from a regional New England tribal word that means “little gift,” Fastachi, originally called Mixed Nuts, is the brainchild of an Armenian couple based in Massachusetts.  Formally established in 1990 and emphasizing the less is more approach to ingredients, as well as having an online presence, Fastachi also has two brick-and-mortars; one in Boston, and the other, in nearby Watertown.

Fastachi specializes in steel drum-roasted nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, and snack mixes.  In spite of all of those obvious temptations, I opted to try their hazelnut and pistachio butters.


photo c/o

In addition to the two nut butters I received, Fastachi also offers almond, cashew, peanut, pecan, walnut, and mixed nut butters.  There’s no need to refrigerate any of the containers, though you may want to add an unflavored oil to change the consistency.

fastachi-massachusetts-usa-hazelnut-and-pistachio-nut-buttersSure enough, according to the ingredients list, the hazelnut butter only had hazelnuts, and the pistachio butter just pistachios.

Whereas they were both quite good and tasted quite fresh (as much as possible, Fastachi tries to source from the US), what I should have sought are recommendations to dip into the butters.  Hazelnut is easy- something with chocolate, maple, or another similarly sweet item.  But pistachio butter?  Chocolate…covered pretzels?  (one-track mind, I guess).  Put it in a shake with pomegranate and rose water?  Aha, maybe when I visit Armenia…

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