Japanese Onigiri Month, Part Two

For the next installment of onigiri (omusubi) month, I bring you three – nay, two and a half – more suggestions, fresh from Japan…but first, a Japanese language primer:

– 新発売 shin hatsubai = new product (new sale)
– コシヒカリ koshihikari = commonly-used variety of rice
– You may have noticed that I am writing o-nigiri and o-musubi.  That “o” (/お) is a honorific way to say various nouns.  Respect your food. Owaffle, ospaghetti alle vongole.  Got it.

japan-salmon-and-salmon-belly-wasabi-onigiriSalmon and fatty salmon with wasabi soy sauce (サーモンと鮭トロわさび/saamon to sake toro wasabi).  What tempted me the most?  Apparently, salmon on salmon action (after all, the Japanese on the left does say “musubi for love/affection”).

japan-larger-sized-salmon-roe-onigiriLarge-sized salmon roe (大粒いくら/ootsubu ikura).  OK, or just dupe us by shrinking the amount of rice, and maintaining the same quantity of salmon roe.

tokyo-japan-crab-mayonnaise-onigiriCrab with mayonnaise (蟹めしマヨ入り/kani meshi mayo hairi).  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a type of mayonnaise-only onigiri.  East Asia goes crazy for that stuff.  Order a salad, and see what happens…

Back to this onigiri, the package expressly mentions that meat from the crab leg (棒肉 bouniku) is used.  Seriously though, watch out for the mayonnaise.

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