Never Take Candy From Humans

2Fukuoka - Takashimaya Ad

Takashimaya is a Japanese department store chain with locations throughout Japan, and one in Singapore.  But if you think for a second that I travel around just to shop, that would be as misleading as this photo.

Instead, department stores in Japan (デパート, depaato) are often a food lover’s paradise.  The basement levels(デパ地下 depachika)  typically have sections for snacks and main courses, Japanese desserts, Western desserts, seafood, produce, and a supermarket.  Free samples can be encountered, though you may get ignored depending on your age/frequency returning to the same place for another taste.  Not to mention, デパート generally have restaurant floors, in the basement or towards the roof.
Occasionally, prefectural (A prefecture is Japan’s version of a state/province/oblast/canton) fairs will take place on the upper floors, though there are likely only ever signs in Japanese.  So, if you like eating more than breathing room, spontaneously heading to the higher floors might be your best shot.

It was from a Fukuoka branch of Takashimaya that I purchased a Japanese sweet (和菓子 wagashi), and it was at the same location where I found this unusual slice of advertising.  It details a discount if you buy your Obon gifts (お中元 ochuugen) early, but what does that have to do with the drawing?  It’s a given that Japan is bizarre, but most of the time there’s a point too.  Also, doesn’t it look like the foreground creature has a paw coming out of its mouth? Could be that I was hallucinating at the time.  Isn’t photography fun?


Have you come across misguided advertising?  Do you like employing forced perspective in your photos?

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